While some folks are willing and able to lead healthy lifestyles, eat a proper diet and get adequate rest and exercise…many of us find it to be a bit difficult to stay on the straight and narrow. Whether it’s a serious sweet-tooth, problems with time management or simply a super busy schedule, there’s just always something getting in the way of living “right” as we should.

Dear Frugivores,

What is the number one barrier standing between you and the sort of healthy lifestyle you wish to create?

  • Are you working too hard?
  • Playing too hard?
  • Do you find that eating well just costs more than what you have to spend?
  • What’s stopping you from achieving your health goals? And if you overcame some sort of health hurdle, how did you do it?



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  1. My health hurdle is exercise. I love hiking and could do it everyday however with Winter approaching and all the rain we’re getting the trails are just too dangerous. I do not like the aerobics videos or things similar and when I’m in the gym I feel like a caged hamster. I am trying to face my discomforts this winter and try to just get on the treadmil but my picky workout habits is what stands in my own way.

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