A recent essay for CNN by author Bob Greene laments the attachment that many of us have to our tech devices:

We have learned to celebrate, even revere, the wireless gadgets we carry around and the inventors who bring them to us; the response to the death of Steve Jobs this month was emblematic of how important our do-it-all phones, our computers, our tablets and related digital devices have become. We say that the technology has changed life as we used to know it.

But how much is too much? And, more to the point: How many of us have the nagging feeling that we are somehow unable to disconnect — that the electronic devices we own have begun to own us?

Greene echoes fellow writer and tech expert Daniel Sieberg and challenges readers to do what many of us consider to be the unthinkable: leave the iPhones, BlackBerries and laptops in another room when you go to bed.

Frugivore friends, could you do such a thing? Can you go to sleep without browsing the blogs until your eyes get heavy? Are you okay with leaving a late-night email unanswered until the morning? Do you feel the need to send a Tweet as soon as you roll over and face the new day? Can you sleep without technology? Speak!


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