Fat Revenge

by — Oct 17, 2011

Kelly Osborne, who was ridiculed for her weight when she was a chunky teen on MTV’s The Osbournes, has now become svelte enough to get props from the notoriously snarky media and general public for her massive weight-loss. Good for her for getting healthier. However, instead of using her new look and lifestyle to inspire others, she has recently made nasty remarks about singer Christina Aguilera for putting on a significant amount of weight. No bueno.

While the two women have had a feud for over seven years (and Osbourne claims that Aguilera called her a “fat b!tch” many times), the reality star should be ashamed of herself for her recent words. Just a few months ago, she was the subject of nasty jokes about her own weight from an ex-boyfriend who went so far is to mock her body on Twitter while she attended pal Amy Winehouse’s funeral. Why is it so easy for her to forget her own issues and ridicule someone else for struggling?

Osborne certainly isn’t the only formerly-heavy person to go there. Many people see being ‘fat’ as a terrible thing and when they are on the other side, they are happy to mock those they left behind. Instead of being sympathetic (or, better, acknowledging that being overweight is not the worst thing in the world and doesn’t speak to the caliber of the person in question), they rush to body snark and make the jokes they were subjected to for many years. As they say, the oppressed doesn’t want to end oppression, he wants to be the oppressor. It’s despicable.

If you manage to lose your extra poundage, be proud…but don’t look down your nose at those who haven’t been as successful. After all, we have seen far too many people gain all their lost weight back (and then some) to know that one can’t claim victory in the ‘battle of the bulge’ after only months. Furthermore, a formerly big person should know firsthand how it feels to be mistreated for something so unreasonable. Shame on Kelly. She better stay in the gym, because karma may be sending her a 20-pound-package sooner than later.

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  1. I saw this! I found it interesting. I guess the cycle continues. I’m still not sure why Kelly Osbourne is on that show or even Juliana but hey, I don’t make the decisions.

  2. Kelly Osborne is still fat to me and clealry color blind.

  3. Please, the only thing fat on Kelly Osborne nowadays is that head. Nothing she can do about that. But if Xtina had been calling Kelly a “fat bitch” for years, she doesn’t deserve any tact from Kelly regarding her weight gain.

  4. Woah… Christina mocked Kelly for years. Kelly has all the right in the world to remind Christina of the hurt she caused Kelly… karma. But really who didn’t think Christina would gain weight. That voice is too good for her to have stayed thin lol jk.

  5. I find Kelly immature and annoying. Big ass head, lol

  6. Christina’s been pregnant and given birth, what was Kelly’s excuse?

  7. I agree Kelly isn’t exactly thin she got some thickums those calves of hers OMG she could crack watermelons with those things.

  8. And they BOTH should grow up!

  9. Christina still hasn’t reached old Kelly’s weight yet so Kelly can’t really talk!

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