Many of us are constantly at war with the scale, with our bodies and with our eating habits. And while there are many healthy and wise ways to overcome the proverbial ‘battle of the bulge’, there are many awful pieces of advice floating around that can drain your pockets, waste your time or even put your health in jeopardy. Among the worst ideas that we’ve heard:

-Eating large quantities of Jello or even cotton balls to fill the stomach up and prevent one from craving food (this has been passed around modelling circles for years, sadly).

-The notorious ‘Master Cleanse Diet’, consisting of cayenne pepper lemonade, which Beyonce used to lose weight for her role in Dreamgirls.

-Skipping meals; your body needs fuel to operate. In fact, your metabolism doesn’t work without food, so missing meals may actually cause you to hold on to weight instead of losing it!

What are some of the most ridiculous diet tips you’ve gotten? And which ones have you been suckered into trying? Don’t feel guilty, we’ve all fallen short of the good health glory!

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  1. The South Beach Diet which advocates high protein, with no distinction between plant or anumal protein, in phase I followed by selective carbs added back to the diet while continuing the relatively high protein portion in phase II. When you stop losing you continue the higher protein in phase II to maintain your weight loss,and you almost never seem to get to phase III, where you eat a more balanced diet. This is similar although not exactly the same as the Adkins Diet. I found it led to Lymphoma in my case. And afer reading Dr. T Colin Campbell’s “The China Study”, I am more than convinced this is the case with higher that normal protein intake in my diet, especially without the distinction between animal and plant protein.

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