A lot of vegetarians hope they find a partner that shares their love for broccoli and tofu, and in today’s world of computer love, a few vegetarians have put their faith in vegetarian dating websites — which promise databases full eager veggie lovers who are ready to Vita-mix and mingle.

In a move that seems to make their website less dogmatic in its approach to love, the founders of Veggiedates will openly allow meat-eaters reveal their private shame — pretending to be vegetarian just to get laid.

But contrary to that seemingly praiseworthy and revelatory action, the site itself is pretending to be vegetarian, cooking its numbers to seem as if there are much more lonely vegetarians than there really are in cyberspace.

Vegetarians who paid for the service were never told that the site beefed up its dating database with nonvegetarians from other sites, the Advertising Standards Authority ruled, according to the Daily Mail.

Basically, Veggiedates tried to pull a fast one on its users regardless if they contended that they never implied memberships were only restricted to vegetarians — but, hold up, maybe we’re missing something, isn’t their site’s name VEGGIEDATES!

According to a statement obtained by the New York Post, “A member could indicate they were vegetarian or not by ticking a box in their dating profile … Members could then browse other members by looking at their profiles to see if they were also vegetarian.”

It’s silly and quite unrealistic for people to want a partner that shares their eating habits because, believe it or not, when it comes to food, people are highly subjective –basically, taste buds are a one of one. No one though should be manipulated into believing in false love.

Either way, hopefully all those Veggiedaters find what they’re looking for in a mate soon. Good Luck!


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