Everyone loves good sex. It’s probably the easiest universal statement to make about humanity. But most people are not fans of exercise, particularly when it involves challenging their bodies to new heights and fighting the uphill battle to stay (or get) in shape. Nevertheless, here’s some motivation: exercise can improve your sex life. All of those hours you’ve docked at the gym, spent running in ridiculous weather, or passed by weight lifting were not in vain. Here are five reasons why you should exercise to make sure you’re bringing your best to the bedroom.

Stamina: Get your cardio exercises in. Run, bike, swim, or do any activity that keeps your heart strong and body moving. Cardio endurance continues to be an asset in the bedroom, as you’ll need your heart and body’s cooperation to keep going and going!

Flexibility: Yoga, anybody? Depending on just how freaky you want to be, you made need to improve your flexibility to weave your body into certain positions that otherwise might not be possible. If you condition your muscles to stretch and feel comfortable with unusual positions, you might be surprised with how much you (and your partner) enjoy having that leg wrapped where it ordinarily wouldn’t be!

Self-Image: Confidence is key. People who feel in shape and active tend to have higher self-esteem than those that don’t. If you’re exercising consistently, feeling your body grow stronger, and health rise, those emotions will like transcend into the bedroom. If you’re feeling hot from those toned arms, tight legs, and strong abdomen, your partner will feel that positive energy and likely want you even more!

Strength: Strong bodies are assets in good sex. Just like flexibility will help you maneuver into that wild position, strength training will help you stay there. Basic strength workouts, such as cardio and moderate weight lifting, will help you strengthen your muscles and remain strong throughout sexual intercourse.

Technique: Get those Kegel exercises in! Working your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles will help you strengthen the muscles in your body’s pelvic floor. Your PC muscles are the ones that let you stop the flow of urine mid-stream. For men and women, squeeze them anytime during the day, hold for 10 seconds, relax, and then keep doing it until you get tired. If a man contracts his PC muscles before orgasm, he can delay ejaculation. If a woman strengthens her PC muscles, she’ll increase the intensity of her orgasms, make her vagina more sensitive, and will be able to tighten her vagina in general and during intercourse, giving her more pleasure from men regardless of size. There are also Kegel vaginal weights and other weight options to strengthen the PC muscles. More control over the muscles in your pelvic area (and there are numerous additional exercises), equals better sex!

How has exercise improved your sex life? Drop your story or any resources that might help someone else in need of exercises that lead to better sex!

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  1. Depending on just how freaky you want to be, you made need to improve your flexibility to weave your body into certain positions that otherwise might not be possible.

    Why does experimental, adventurous or atypical sex have to be categorized as “freaky”?

  2. An even better exercise than Kegels are pelvic tilts. If they are done properly pelvic tilts can strengthen a woman’s lower abdomen and give her more strength in her pelvic region better than Kegels can. Men exercise their lower abdomen all the time from the thrusting motion used during sex but women rarely use their lower abdomen in this manner resulting in a weaker ability to control vaginal muscles and hips movements during sex.

    Pelvic tilts don’t have to be mundane. Put on your favorite song and focus on building your lower abs to the beat. Just make sure you don’t get lost in the music and focus on each rep and contraction to tighten the muscle. Visualization helps for women by imagining replicating the sexual movements of a man, it will help zero in on the correct muscle group.

  3. hey, i’ve got an article to submit. it is called `brushing teeth freshens breath and prevents cavities’, lol.

    oh and asiyah, bless your heart!

  4. I can attest to the validity of everything in this article – EVERYTHING!

  5. It might just be me seeing things but in the yoga picture is that girl’s boob out of her top?

  6. Omg, you’re right! I see that yoga lady’s boob.
    Unless that’s a pose I haven’t heard of. Forward Falling Boob

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