Honey isn’t only good for tea and toast. The golden nectar can be used in a variety of ways to serve as a natural remedy for several skin issues.

Instead of impatiently squeeze a pimple making a scar, try placing a bit on honey on the blemish. Cover the spot with a band aid overnight and by morning you’ll see improvement.

Scorched skin will also benefit from the multipurpose condiment. The natural hydrogen peroxide in honey will cleanse the wound and diminish inflammation.

Cuts and Scraps
The glucose in honey releases hydrogen peroxide when placed on an open wound and acts as an antiseptic and speeds up the healing process.

Dry Skin
It seems weird to slather sticky honey on your face but honey is a natural moisturizer effective at soothing dry skin. You can use a lotion like Burt Bee’s Milk & Honey Body Lotion or combine honey with an ingredient like yogurt or egg to make a facial mask. The mask is suitable for people with sensitive skin and should leave your skin feeling supple.

Soar Throats
Skip the Halls and and create your own cough remedy. Do as your grandmother advised and drink hot tea with a nice dose of lemon and honey.

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