Talk about the perfect restaurant to compliment the fast-paced lifestyle of an entertainer. After tasting the famous lemon-pepper wings from Wingstop, rapper Rick Ross decided to invest in the Texas-based franchise.

Disregarding the national obesity epidemic, Ross — who is morbidly obese himself — couldn’t miss an opportunity to capitalize off providing cheap food for the city of Memphis, which will be site of his first franchise.

Ross — who, like most rappers, is a walking, talking product placement ad — tells

“After tasting Wingstop’s signature lemon pepper–flavored wings in Miami, I knew this was a franchise I wanted to add to my investments,”

Rick Ross is not the first celebrity to invest in the Wingstop franchise. Former Dallas Cowboy and Hall-of-Famer, Troy Aikman, is the national spokesperson for the company he invested into and now sits on the Board of Directors.

According to a study posted on, Memphis ranked first in America in 2007 as the most sedentary and the most obese city in America — cha-ching!

Hopefully, Ross will take the cue from his hip-hop colleague Fat Joe, who lost over 100 pounds after eating a carb-starved diet for over four months.

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  1. tired of you holier than thou ass folks constnatly trying to judge others.. “oh im a vegetarian…arent i better than you cuz you eat meat” ..gtfoh. Everything is better in moderation..even moderation itself..isnt that the famous phrase?

    so folks cant even eat from wingstop now wihtout feeling guilty cuz u think it makes america fat?..ridiculous.

    your attitude is really off-putting when it comes to diet. You want everyone to subscribe to your form of diet becuase apparently you think it makes you healthier than everyone else or something.

    • @tired: its not about being a vegatarian. its about being healthy and making the RIGHT choices when it comes to diet and eating. a obese black man is opening a chicken wing joint in one of the most obese cities in the country which ranks 6th for most black people. i love chicken wings too but, i see the point of this article. instead of helping the fast food problem hes hurting.

      ill break it down for you:

      Ranch Dip for wings: about 380 calories (per cup) most people use 2 or 3 (i do)
      BASKET OF LEMON PEPPER WINGS: about 700-750 calories and about 65 grams of fat….
      one wing meal including drink: 1300 calories at least…..

      so whats wrong with this article agian?

      • What’s wrong with this article, you ask?

        The man INVESTED his MONEY into the company, there was nothing in his statements saying that he eats WingStop food 24/7. Depending on what came out when he (or his Accountant/Finacial Advisor) crunched out the numbers, what’s wrong with financially investing in a company when you enjoy the product? If more Black people w/ money bought stocks and bonds in the companies that they frequent, those industries would have more respect for the Black dollar.

        Just Saying@shell:

  2. morris johnson

    hey how are you

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