America’s lovable lesbian, Ellen Degeneres, is starting a website dedicated to veganism, furthering her many compassionate causes from animal rights to environmental justice.

Ellen’s website is simply called Going Vegan with Ellen

According to VegNews, Ellen is sharing “insight into her cruelty-free diet” with recipes, tips, and links to other resources and information for new vegans. She also lists some other celebrities who have joined the vegan party including Olivia Wilde, Alanis Morissette, Alec Baldwin, Alicia Silverstone,  Joaquin Phoenix and more!

EcoRazzi is reporting that Ellen’s site also lists answers to the frequently asked question – Why go vegan? She says do it for the animals, the planet, and your health! According to the site, factory farming is top cause of climate change in the world, contributing more than all transportation combined. She also points out that almost all meat, milk, and eggs now come from factory farmed animals and that over-fishing has led to near extinction for many species including those that die as by-catch.

Ellen, who advocates veganism on her show, says “Scientific studies supported by the American Dietetic Association have confirmed that vegan and vegetarian diets are associated with lower cholesterol, lower risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, lower risk of hypertension and Type 2 diabetes, lower body fat, and lower overall cancer rates. In fact, studies have shown that a vegan diet can actually reverse diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.”

Congrats to Ellen for advancing her healthy lifestyle to the masses. But remember, vegans can be just as unhealthy as S.A.D. eaters, so stay close to Frugivore for latest healthy recipes and fitness tips.

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