Going to large sporting events sucks if one is a vegan. Most of the time, the only thing one can eat are french fries, peanuts, or some other overpriced side item.

Thankfully, more writers are helping vegans mitigate the social isolation that comes with eating cruelty-free. PETA puts out a list of the five most vegetarian friendly stadiums once a year. Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field, which is the home of the Philadelphia Eagles and quarterback Mike Vick, who just signed a new six-year 100 million dollar contract and is the face of The Humane Society.

This week, the top tennis players in the world descend upon New York City to compete in the U.S. Open. Luckily, Danielle Elliot surveyed the food joints at this summer’s tennis championship major for Patch.com.

Unfortunately, Elliot laments that the National Tennis Center in Queens regressed from the previous years. No veggie burgers or dogs are for sale on the grounds, and the best option, from what she documents, seems to be a vegetarian burrito.

Hopefully, next year, the National Tennis Center receives the memo — vegans spend money too.

(Check out Elliot’s review here)


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