Former President of The United States, Bill Clinton, is talking to major media outlets about how his new plant-based diet saved his heart. After years of battling cardiovascular disease, Clinton wants the world to know he’s a vegan and attributes his health to his new diet.

Clinton will appear on CNN tomorrow, August 21, to explain his reasoning for adopting a healthier lifestyle, which includes exercise and eating a diet full of vegetables and fruit.

“It’s turning a ship around before it hits the iceberg, but I think we’re beginning to turn it around,” he told CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Clinton has battled with various heart conditions in the past and now felt it was not the time to leave his health up to chance:

It’s not the first time Clinton has changed his famously Krispy Kreme-oriented eating habits to improve his health. When the former president had a quadruple bypass in 2004, he lowered the cholesterol in his diet.  But when doctors last year had to implant two stents to open one of the veins from that surgery, the president took matters further and began following the advice of Dr. Dean Ornish, the diet guru who helped spark the notion of turning to vegetarianism to reverse coronary heart disease with the publication of this study (subscription required) in the Lancet in 1990, and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.,who runs the cardiovascular prevention and reversal program at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, and went vegan — cutting out meat, dairy, eggs and most oils.

Advocates of veganism have waited for Clinton to come out the “plant-based, vegan closet,” especially after reports swirled about the special cuisine his daughter, Chelsea Clinton, had her wedding caterers prepare to accommodate her father and his new diet. Addtionally, in a obligatorily move, PETA named Clinton its “Person of the Year,” citing he reduced his risk of cancer, strokes, and other diseases.

The former Arkansas governor is continuously showing how people can change their behavior in all aspects of life, regardless of age, timing, and/or geography. Clinton admitted he was wrong in handling of Haiti, supported his wife and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2008 bid for the U.S. presidency, and now is advocating a diet that cuts right at the heart of America’s all-powerful meat industry. According to Clinton, veganism can promote good health:

“All my blood tests are good, and my vital signs are good, and I feel good, and I also have, believe it or not, more energy,” he said.

Clinton’s interview with Gupta will air on CNN on Sunday

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  1. I’m not going to say If Bill Clinton can do it so can I but I think this an important story because it hihglights how changing from what is known be bad for you to what is not all that easy to do in America (the western world) i.e., becoming a vegan.

    It also highlights what going only half way can mean to a person with genetic predisposition heart disease, he needed to become a vegan, because vegetarianism was not enough, i.e., having stents applied to heart vessel to prevent the next heart attack. He now is a vegan in his bid to reach optimal health and prevent the ultimate disaster of the “big one”.

  2. Good for Clinton! He’s practicing what I believe in “Early detection” which equals living healthier.
    Hopefully, the change in his diet, will encourage his family to step up and join him. It’s hard to eat fruits and vegetables on the patio, when your family is “smothering chicken and rice” in the kitchen…

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