According to researchers at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, men who stay single may die eight to 17 years before married men, while women who stay single may die seven to 15 years before married women. Researchers analyzed 90 past studies that were published over the last 60 years and drew a variety of conclusions on why singles seem to experience an earlier death rate. For one, there is more social support and public assistance for married couples, as married men, for example, experiencing a heart attack get to the hospital sooner than single men.

MSNBC reports that the analysis doesn’t take into account the impact of a bad marriage on life expectancy. David Roelfs, an assistant professor of sociology, told the network, “I don’t think you need a study to tell people that a lousy marriage is going to be bad for someone’s health.”

Moreover, the researchers only pulled information that identified married people as people who remained married throughout their entire lives, not divorced or widowed people. There certainly are a plenty of variables that question the validity of these studies, but perhaps researchers have a point.

Is it a healthier for humans to partner, married or unmarried? After all, it is nice to have someone there to take care of you in sickness and health. Drop your thoughts!

Source: Huffington Post

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