There are a plethora of reasons that people fail at dieting. While the majority experiences a lack of willpower, dieters would do better to conduct prior research and compare several diets to see which one might instigate the longest impact. As diet research can be overwhelming, Frugivore would like to assist you in finding the right diet to boost your health and inspire a permanent lifestyle change. Our new “diet review” series will tackle all the things you wish that you knew about the most popular diets that have garnered fame over the years.

Are you ready for a diet review that gives it straight up, no chaser?

Every Thursday, we’ll post a new diet review to feed your curiosity and spark feedback. We want to hear your questions, past experiences, and future recommendations on all the diets that we post. While this series aims to provide information, it also strives to build community and conversation.

In future weeks, we’ll review:

  • Weight Watchers
  • South Beach Diet
  • Jenny Craig
  • Mediterranean Diet
  • Slim-Fast
  • The Biggest Loser Diet
  • Babyfood Diet
  • Volumetrics
  • Atkins Diet
  • Omish Diet
  • LA Weight Loss
  • Low-fat Diet

Are there any diets above that strike your curiosity? What additional diets would you like Frugivore to review? Drop us a comment!

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  1. Raw foods diet 80-10-10

  2. misschris2025

    Definitely the Paleo diet!

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