Rosario Dawson is a mainstay on red carpets all around the world. She wears high-fashion floor-grazing gowns with ease, but she rarely shows off her impeccable figure. The first glimpse we saw of it was on the runway for Fashion for Relief in Cannes, when Rosario strutted down the catwalk in a leg-baring dress from Gucci.

Now, Rosario is showing us just how fit she is on the August 2011 cover of Shape. She rocks a little white bikini and gives us all some workout inspiration with her chiseled abs.

In the article, Rosario talks about being healthy from a young age and not punishing herself too much when craving treats. Read some excerpts from her interview below:

“My mom was practicing vegan and raw diets years ago, so I understood eating healthy at a young age. We even belonged to the local co-op. I mean, we had Spam too, because we were poor and had to take whatever we could get, but we stopped eating white bread when I was 6.” – on her lifelong healthy eating habits

“The stress you put yourself through for having a treat is probably a thousand times worse for you than the sugar you just had.” – on not stressing herself out about eating treats

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What do you think of Rosario Dawson for Shape?

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  1. I think the title of the article needs to be changed. She’s talking about eating foie gras and pork chops.

  2. I love Rosario even more!!!

  3. Supergoodnurse

    Rosario rocks!!!

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