Cruelty to animals is hitting a big-top near you. The Rocky Show Circus, which is subsidiary of the Piccadilly Circus, is currently traveling through Florida pitting humans against Rocky the Kangaroo in illegal matches, which, by the way, is textbook animal abuse.

PETA is definitely on the job, already drafting a complaint to the Florida State Boxing Commission and the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation in protest to the detestable actions by exhibitor, Javier Martinez. In the state of Florida, boxing promoters must gain licensees to allow to people to beat in their faces.

Martinez, who undoubtedly cares little for animal welfare, dresses the kangaroo in boxing grab and pokes the marsupial until he gets the desired violent reaction. The animal has lashed out at spectators because of the high stress levels he works under.

According to PETA’s website these unsanctioned boxing matches are not a new attraction for Martinez:

At least two kangaroos used in Martinez’s boxing act have died while touring with a circus, including one who died while traveling with UniverSoul Circus from complications of a deadly bacterial disease called “lumpy jaw,” which can result from severe crowding, poor hygiene, poor diet, and stressful conditions.

UFC welterweight Thiago Alves has thrown in his support for PETA’s protest by taking to his Twitter page:

At this moment, we can only hope for the safety of Rocky the Kangaroo, and hopefully something will be done soon about this freakish spectacle.

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