The political queen of hypocrisy strikes again. Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann is criticizing the U.S. government for adhering to a 1.2 billion dollar settlement for black farmers that faced blatant discrimination from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in past years. Considering that the U.S. government dishes out more than a hundred billion dollars in agriculture subsidies each year, it’s perplexing why Bachmann would complain about a decimal percentage of that budget going to right past wrongs. Of course, Bachmann’s family farm has received $260,000 in agricultural subsidies over the years, effectively cashing in on white privilege, as black farmers struggled to stay afloat.

More popularly known as the Pigford settlement, black farmers spent years being rejected by the USDA for loans and assistance, while white farmers were able to take advantage of the USDA’s support. Bachmann insists that there is “proof positive” fraud in the Pigford settlement, even though the USDA Inspector General and the Government Accountability Office denied 31% of applicant claims in the first settlement and the second settlement hasn’t even begun. Additionally, the second settlement has been passed with an assortment of new fraud provisions, and the above mentioned officials will continue audits and inspecting claims as they’re processed. If fraud is discovered, their findings will be sent straight to the Department of Justice and there will be consequences for fraudulent applications.

If Michele Bachmann hopes to be the first woman president of the United States of America, she has a lot to learn about the lingering impact of discrimination, and the many wrongs that the U.S. president must right. As she attempts to discredit the plight of black farmers, making unverified fraud accusations, it’s no wonder that she’s popularly viewed as a bigot and politician that’s out of touch with a reality.

How do you feel about Michele Bachmann’s criticism of the black farmer settlement? Speak on it.


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  1. This woman is crazy. She anti everything that the country gained in 1960’s and 70’s. She is mouthpiece for people who don’t want anything progressive to happen. I really cannot stand that she would sign a pledge that suggested blacks were in stronger families during slavery.

  2. I hate that blacks are increasingly being herded into cities and out of the country. We have never been free in this country but for maybe 10-15 years from 1965 to 1979, depending on the geographic location. We need to find better representatives to represent both parities and while we are doing that maybe we should insert more parties.

    What ever happened to the Populist/People’s Party which formed in response to greed of wealthy planters in 1890’s. I mean c’mon folks. We are being gutted by wealthy people in exchange for cheap materials. I don’t get it…

  3. This lady will nver be president she has a lot to learn and understand this 2011 not 1950s, she may as well go and withdraw because she is useless, let a man run the country women mess up everything and this one is really stupid non-educated

    • @jean clyb: “let a man run the country women mess up everything” … Sexist, a bit? There are plenty of women that are MORE THAN CAPABLE, INTELLIGENT, and BEYOND QUALIFIED to hold the office of President of the United States. Before you make blanket statements stereotyping an entire gender, why don’t you do some research. In fact, you can start with Kamala Harris who is kicking ass as the Attorney General of California. Or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who gave President Obama a damn good run for his money during the democratic primaries. Take your chauvinism and patriarchal rhetoric elsewhere. It’s not welcome on this site, and since I’m an editor, I’ll happily delete your comments should you spew anymore condescending statements about women. If you can’t engage in an intellectual debate without gender bashing, don’t bother sharing your thoughts.


      Arielle Loren
      Daily Editor, Frugivore

  4. Wow, had to go through three different sites and two more articles to actually get a quote from Bachman on the the issue. If you’re going to call her out on this you should at least present what she actually said, which mentions black people 0 times, only referring to fraud which may or may not be present. Hypocrisy? Maybe, she did get over $260,000 in subsidies in the last several years. Racist? No. And I feel it goes for people of all races, race btw is more than the color of your skin, that we are Americans and need to stop seeing ourselves in separate groups? How can you ever be free in your life if you’re not free in you mind?

    • @Ken V: Appreciate your comment, but please point to a line that I called Bachmann racist. I actually never wrote such a thing. In addition, you cannot ignore the racial factor of the Pigford case as race was the basis of the USDA’s discrimination. Therefore, when Bachmann makes an attack on this settlement, it’s more than fair to analyze race while discussing her accusations. Before you make a comment suggesting that I’m promoting separtism, please actually take the time to research the background of the case that I’m discussing. America is not post-racial, and we still have a lot to deal with, particularly noting the economic disparities between white and minority races. History lingers, my friend. And the freedom of all our minds is dependent upon recognizing wrong as wrong. Her accusations are unverified.

  5. Does anyone believe that she even has a chance?

  6. I am a farmer. I’m 37, white. It is a struggle almost every year at some point. Equipment is ridiculously expensive, fuel us out of sight, a bag of seed that once cost ( since I’ve been in business) $15 a bag is now $350, and crop prices haven’t changed to match the expense changes over the last 75 years. My grandad sold cotton for 80 cent a pound once. He bought a new tractor that year for $1500. The average price over my span of business of almost 20 years, 70 cents. I bought a used tractor last year for $122000.00. Fuel back then was 5 cents, I paid 3.74 last week.
    My point, I get the same subsidies as a black farmer, based on county yields and crop. Nobody gave me free money to start, I begged and borrowed and scrapped to get by. My family had pretty much quit the business. I started from scratch other than a few hundred acres of family land that I leased. Do I feel it was unfair that because I wasn’t black, I didn’t get part of that? You bet. I know of only two black farmers near here that got funds. They blew it in two years, flat out broke and moved away. I feel discriminated against.

  7. Henry Massingale

    As I look at this along with my friends, that by the way are black, I am finding this without moral support for this blog.
    A statement was made, and twisted who by , more then likely someone who wants a different person for President.
    So I am sorry but there is no truth of race hate by Michele Bachmann…
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  8. Henry Massingale

    Bringing a fight in her behalf

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