Eat Less Fatty Foods

Eating less fatty foods is a given for your abs-conscious gym-rat.  Every lean phase of any diet plan calls for the elimination of overtly fatty substances in oder to see one’s abs.

Over-indulging on fruit and vegetables will never hurt a diet, but if you are eating too much fat–in form of nuts, seeds, or oils–along with fruit, you are putting yourself at risk for Candida.

Make sure you stay with acceptable levels of fat, which are around 10-15% of your total caloric intake.  If you’re a meat-o-saurus, keep it clean as possible with lean cuts of grass/organically-fed, locally produced meat.


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  1. Good advice. Thanks for all the reminders. Good way to keep readers thinking while exercising. Love to be reminded of the thing I learned long ago together with new stuff.

    Thanks again..

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