Drink More Water – Contrary to fitness and bodybuilding industry practices, dehydration is not the ideal way for abs to receive attention. There is no doubt, if you dehydrate yourself your abs will “pop,” but you may kill yourself in the process.

Drinking water helps filtrate all the toxins that may clog up your vital organs.  Start drinking water 15-20 minutes before a workout and continue to hydrate yourself throughout the workout as needed.

A quick way to know if you’re drinking enough water is to pay attention to your urine.  Urine should be as close to clear as possible.  If it’s not, and it resembles the color of Big Bird, then you’re more than likely dehydrated.


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  1. Good advice. Thanks for all the reminders. Good way to keep readers thinking while exercising. Love to be reminded of the thing I learned long ago together with new stuff.

    Thanks again..

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