It’s here: a celebration of black women loving their bodies and treating them with the best health, nutrition, and fitness practices. June 1st is the first day to celebrate Frugivore Month, a collaborative health campaign between Clutch Magazine and Frugivore. We’re going to discuss everything from black women’s struggle with breast cancer and initiating a better eating lifestyle to off the beaten path exercises and vegetarian dates for you to try with your partner.

We’ll share interviews with a multi-generation family of holistic medicine practitioners, a behind the scenes look at competitive fitness modeling, how pole dancing classes can give you the workout (and confidence boost) of your life, and much more!

But of course, health is not pigeonholed to our internal body. We’ll also share some natural tips for taking care of your hair and reviving your skin for the summer. We’re going all out!

Got a health topic that you’d like to see covered? Drop us a comment and join us in promoting the month-long celebration! Click here to read past posts.

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  1. I have a topic I would like to see covered: the comparative effects of running on different surfaces ( concrete, treadmills, blacktop, dirt track, grass) and why some of these cause knee pain, etc.

  2. Exciting! I’m struggling with changing from a carnivorous diet to something more pescetarian/vegetarian, so I’d like to see some articles in that area. Thanks!

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