It’s possible to enjoy a meatless lifestyle while building muscle and losing fat. The key to success is researching alternative protein sources, dietary options, and proper fitness routines.

Below are six alternative protein options for building muscle and losing fat via Men’s Fitness.

1. EGGS– There are approximately seven grams of pure protein pure egg, which is cost effective considering that a dozen costs you around two dollars. It’s important to eat the whole egg, with the yolk, and not just the egg white. Egg whites have lower levels of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

2. SOY MILK– While you should limit consuming overly processed soy foods, whole-food sources of soy, like soy milk, provide an incredible source of protein and nutrients, such as calcium.

3. RAW NUTS– Not only are nuts a great source of protein, but also they supply healthy fats, minerals, and antioxidants. You should try to consume two-thirds cup of nuts to every one-third cup of dried fruit for a high-nutrient power meal.

4. QUINOA– With 12 grams of protein per cup and high levels of magnesium, fiber, and folate, quinoa might just be the “perfect grain.” Use quinoa as a side with your home-cooked meals to replace less nutritional grains, such as rice.

5. BEANS–  As a great source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, beans are great for your health, but still lack some essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein). Regardless, it’s good to know that beans and rice actually are great together, as they complement each other’s amino acid deficiencies.

6. OATS– As a whole grain, oats provide muscle-friendly protein, fiber, and other nutrients. Try eating oats for breakfast to nourish your muscles and keep your energy level high throughout the day.

Have additional meat-free protein suggestions? Share your recommendations below!

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  1. Tofu – I make a number of dishes with it!

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