It’s no secret that certain fruits have excellent nutrients that aid our bodies. Summer officially has arrived, more fruits are in season, and it’s time that we add more fruit to our diets.

Below is a list of the best fruits via Nutritionists Jim White, R.D. and Manuel Villacorta, R.D. on Men’s Fitness

Strawberries- they’re a great source of vitamin C and antiaging antioxidants.

Blueberries & Blackberries- both contain nutrients that enhance brain functionality and improve your memory.

Citrus fruits- (oranges, grapefruits, limes, etc.) improve immunity and can decrease the impact of colds and the flu. Also, whole fruit is better than juice, which lacks fiber.

Cantaloupe- it contains vitamins and nutrients for good heart health and fighting cancer.

Bananas- these are an excellent preworkout food, containing a lot of potassium, but be careful. They also can spike blood-sugar levels.

Apples- while they don’t have a lot of nutrients, they are packed with fiber and low calorie. They’re great for a quick snack!

Of the above fruits, which are your favorites? Weigh in.


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  1. not on this list but:

    papaya – has more vitamin c than oranges, great source of fiber (amazing for constipation)
    mangoes – great for the skin, great source of fiber, yummy

    I wish berries weren’t so expensive but at least when they are not in season you can buy them frozen.

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