It’s easy to become a fitness junkie once you’ve dedicated yourself to a healthier lifestyle. While there’s nothing wrong with making health a priority, your body is only designed for (x) amount of exercise and needs all of the necessary nutrients to keep running.

When it comes to training, the rule is simple: don’t overdo it.

Here are a few signs that you’re overtraining from fitness experts Rob Bailey and Jim White.

1. You shouldn’t be training for hours upon hours a day. Your workouts should be limited to 45-60 minutes. After this window, cortisol levels spike and muscle-building testosterone declines.  Your multi-hour workout will become counterproductive. Don’t overdo it!

2. Are you anxious about working out? Postponing important events, such as work responsibilities, friends, and family in order to make it to the gym? While your dedication is admirable, this might not be healthy. Try joining a support group or finding a counselor, specifically for men. It’s great to have a community or ally supporting you in your fitness regimen regardless, in case you may be suffering from anxiety.

3. Are you in pain but still pushing through your workout? That’s a problem. If you’re hurt, you shouldn’t be working out. And trust that if you’re stubborn on this issue, your body won’t be in the best shape during your golden years. Don’t exercise through pain!

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