Why does my sacrum hurt, when I workout?  Particularly, when doing leg and back exercises.

Your back is a complex maze of bones and muscles, which start and stop at many different areas within your back.  For example, there are muscles, which start (originate) near the lower part of your back, in the lumbar area, and end (insert) in the upper part of your back, thoracic or cervical area.

As you do exercises, such as lat pull downs, muscles run from your upper arm and end at your upper hip bone.  This is the reason your entire back can hurt all the way to your hips.

When doing leg exercises, such as squats/dead-lifts/goodmornings/back extensions, you are using muscles which attach to your sacrum.  So as you work your legs there is stress being put on your sacrum.

To help your sacrum, make sure that your core is fit.  Doing push-ups, abs planks (not planking!), body-weight lunges and squats will help stabilize and support your back.  Practicing Yoga and stretching will help strengthen your core and in turn take pressure off your sacrum.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions – I sometimes have pain after deadlifting so now I know why. I’m reworking my lifting routine according to New Rules of Lifting for Abs (NROLA) & for women (NROLFW); NROLA suggests doing core work (abs, lower back, hips) prior to any lifting.

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