Who would’ve thought the stir-fry favorite would make a healthy snack? I’m talking about sugar snap peas. In New York City, they’re in season right now. Crisp. Sweet. Lovely. Green. Lightly steam or munch on them raw. Quite honestly, at this time of year, a visit to the farmer’s market yields a large bag of the sugar snap peas. Nearly half of them never make it home.

Their raw taste was discovered when traveling in Denmark to study design. The country is known for their healthy lifestyle of riding bikes instead of cars and seductively enforcing environmental laws. Their sugar snap pea season starts a few weeks later than New York. Around that time, vendors walk around the city with large carts full of sugar snap peas. It’s an odd sight. Curiously, I brought a pound. It became an addictive snack while exploring Denmark.

When in season, sugar snap peas have a snappy, fresh green taste at this time of year, and they’re on the sweet side. Out of season or imported sugar snap peas are a bit wimpy when eaten raw. They’re at they’re best when purchased from a local farm or grow them yourself. They’re simply easy to prepare. Wash to rinse them clean and trim both of ends. That’s it.

My recipes tend to be complex. However, every once in while, a simple snack is needed to serve in between meals. When the mid-afternoon munchies attack, instead of a sugary sweet pastry or salty chips, reach for a packed container of raw sugar snap peas. It’s an odd snack, but the green crunch is a better alternative… and it’s a healthy addiction, too.


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  1. I was suprised to see this as a “new” snack. I’ve been eating these fresh since I was a kid. And I love them.

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