As spring arrives in full throttle, warmer weather provides a stronger case for spontaneously exercising outdoors. Not every workout needs to be planned. If you live in an urban area, why not walk to work instead of taking public transportation? Travel on foot to join your friends for lunch in a different neighborhood? Or simply choose to walk when running your weekly errands? You can’t lean on the “it’s cold” excuse anymore.

Yesterday, I walked two miles to the post office while passing by four subway stations. I needed to run an errand over my lunch break, and frankly, I was tired of being indoors. Not only did the fresh air and sun put me in a cheerful mood, but it also gave me an unplanned workout. I naturally power walk.

For all those times you can’t make it to the gym or oversleep your morning run, try exercising spontaneously and saying no to public transportation. You’ll likely feel better rather than smelling a sweaty passenger on the bus or subway. Just saying…

When the weather gets warm, do you walk more versus taking public transportation? Share your approach to spontaneous exercise!


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