If I had an extra 100 pounds, a tall physique, and a body of solid muscle, I would’ve bum rushed the mess out of the man walking in front of me and smoking a cigarette. Ordinarily, I would’ve just walked around him, but of course, New York City sidewalks are secondhand smoke death traps. I could not find a way to maneuver myself around him, so I ended up holding my breath for a good forty seconds.

Needless to say, I was not amused, but it did inspire me to come home and share my experience with you all. Originally, I planned to rant and pull a dozen statistics about secondhand smoke but then I came across this hilarious video by Comedian Daniel Tosh and decided to pursue a different route. While I am 100% against smoking, I’ll let you get a chuckle out of Tosh’s antics.

And yes, this skit is THAT funny.

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