PETA is again stirring up controversy with their ads promoting a new slogan, “Eating Meat is Child Abuse–Fight the Fat–Go Veg.” The huge poster in Merthyr, Wales gives PETA what envisioned: an international reaction.

In a story published by Diet Blog, PETA, who has since released a statement in defense of their ad, says they’re trying raise awareness for the obesity epidemic amongst children.

PETA says:

Meat can help make kids fat and sick. In addition to facing the social challenges caused by childhood obesity—which can lead to lifelong psychological trauma—children who are fed a diet of burgers, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and other foods that are laden with saturated fat and cholesterol have their health put at risk.

PETA is using over the top generalizations to make a very serious point. Meat consumption at the rates seen in the Western world are astronomically high and dangerous to children. Conversely, a Vegan or vegetarian diet can cause similar problems, and in many cases, can be worse than an USDA approved diet.

The lack of exercise and the overabundance of technological gadgets play a key role in the skyrocketing rates of diet-related dis-eases. A Vegan diet can mimic the Standard American Diet (SAD) and put children at risk for diabetes and early on-set stroke. There must be a fundamental change in the child’s lifestyle for there to be a difference in behavior.

FrugiVoice: Do you think PETA took it to far with this new slogan?

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