The NBA goes green this week.  Through a partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the league will tipped off NBA Green Week 2011 yesterday, April 3.  According to the NBA press release, during the week, the entire NBA family will team up to generate awareness and funding to protect the environment and other Green initiatives.

The NBA and other American sports entertainment leagues tour the nation in large caravans, bringing with them good intentions but hazardous loads of pollution and waste.  On par with most Green initiatives in this culture, the NBA will look to help narrow the focus on what people can do in their everyday lives to help ease the guilt of wasteful practices of American lifestyle.

Their will be no mention to any of the really environmentally destructive and detrimental habits of their large corporate sponsors.  Instead, the very popular league will focus on teaching children the “importance” of recycling, helping revitalize parks, and how refurbish home with Green appliances.

No one should except to learn anything significant about the environment from a profit-driven entity such as the NBA, but at least they are trying to raise awareness that their is a problem.  Just don’t get fooled by the NBA Cares slogan because we should all understand that main thing the any large corporation cares about is profit over the environment.

We will break down and sift through the fluff of the NBA’s Green week and see if the greatest athletes in the world really care about the environment! Stay tuned…


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