Are you interested in showcasing your abs for the summertime.  Well eight-time boxing champion Manny Pacquiao allowed cameras into his camp to show off his abs routine, as he gets ready for his May 7th showdown with former champion “Suga” Shane Mosely. This ten minute regimen consists of core stability work and hits every part of his abdominal wall.

Just in case you get lost, we here at Frugivore will list every set and rep for you.  Hope to see you on the beach with your abs boxing out the competition.

Core Scissors 50

Core Lateral Scissors 50

In & Outs 50

Heel to Heaven 50

Toe Touches 50

Crunch 50

Touch the sky 50

Oblique V-Ups 50

Core Twist 50


Oblique Sit up 50

Oblique Left Crunch 50

Oblique Right Crunch 50

Russian Twist 25 each side

In & Outs 50

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  1. That is serious! I still think MP is on the juice though. Let’s go “Sugar Shane!”

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