Well, PETA has found another black person to disrobe for their protest against fur.  The latest celebrity to pose for the animal rights organization is Baltimore Ravens running back and Atlanta Housewives hopeful, Willis McGahee.

McGahee lends his naked chocolate-ness to PETA’s “Ink, Not Mink” promotion, which includes a video interview with the bruising runner on his reasons for supporting the watch-dog organization.

McGahee said that a lot of his advocacy stems from his love for his dog.

“Dogs are somewhat like human beings,” McGahee said. “You gotta treat them like you treat your kids.”

McGahee is not the first athlete to pose nude for PETA; he follows a distiguished list of media darlings like Cincinnati Bengals wideout and Basketball Wives hopeful Chad Ochocinco, Atlanta Falcons tight-end Tony Gonzalez, and Orlando Magic and gun-enthusiast Gilbert Arenas.

“Going naked, brings a lot of attention, regardless of what the situation is,” the burgeoning animal-rights activist exclaimed. “If it’s for a good cause or bad cause, but this happens to be a good cause.”  I couldn’t have said it any better.

Similarly, Taraji P. Henson made some noise when she recently posed for PETA, mainly because the 40-year-old’s stunningly beautiful spread showcased her rock-hard, toned body

Given the recent snow storm that has made Dallas a virtual winterwonderland, I am sure there will be people at this year’s Super Bowl who do not care about animal cruelty: they just want to stay warm and fashionable. So, this is major PR for PETA during a month where pigskin and leather balls are on display.

Check out McGahee’s PETA video below:

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  1. Way cool! I think having African American celebrities in the campaign will really shake things up for a good cause. Also, that quote: “Dogs are somewhat like human beings,” McGahee said. “You gotta treat them like you treat your kids.” is fantastic!

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