Running in the COLD!

This is great video I came across made by Tim Van Orden of the Running Raw Project.  This guy really runs in deep snow, and he’s the man that can help us with understanding how to dress properly when it’s frigid outside.

For all my folks in the Brooklyn Zoo and Chicago, the winter is really just starting.  Sucks to be you.  Just playing, but if you listen to Tim speak about layering, I’m sure you’ll be ready to conquer the snow.

Layering is the key!  Take it away Tim…

I agree with Tim, cotton is your enemy because it ABSORBS sweat.  This is a great tip because we do not want to catch a cold while trying improve our fitness.  I cannot begin to tell you all the times I would go outside to exercise and start freezing.  I would try convince myself this was a necessary evil of living in a cold weather city.  Not true, thanks Tim for the advice…

The following is breakdown of some of Tim’s suggestions to stay warm and fit:

60-55 degrees outside – one layer consisting of technical or wicking fabric.

40 degrees – double-up on your layers of technical/wicking shirts and pants

20 degrees – Add a polypropylene zip neck shirt.

0 degrees – Add a fleece-lined hoodie and technical/wicking-lined wind pants.

Stay Warm and Fit!

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