Is This Necessary?

by — Jan 6, 2011

“Is This Necessary” will show some the most unnecessary, bizarre, vain, and funny fashion choices made by humans.  Now, I’m not against people wearing animal skins for warmth in places where the temperature requires extra skin.  If you live in Siberia for some reason, I wouldn’t be mad at you finding some furry animal to crawl into.  But that begs this question, honestly, should humans be living in those places anyway?

But enough with philosophical questions, lets bring the inaugural contestant and it is no other than habitual fashion line stepper and your favorite uncle, New York Knicks color analyst Walt “Clyde” Frazier.

Frazier not only brings his fashion A-game but his Scrabble board too.  He smoothly blends and rhymes words like “hustlin’ and bustlin,’” while dropping SAT words like prodigious and neophyte to those scholars that watch Knicks games.

This get up looks like those nice, young gentleman know a cow/bull when they see one and are two seconds from grabbing onto his well groomed leather halter mustache and riding him until he tells them why he killed them birds in Arkansas.

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  1. Totally unnecessary use of animal skin…and a serious eye sore

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