I cannot find the words for yesterday, but here I go.  I woke up yesterday after eight and a half hours of sleep.  I cannot overstate the importance of sleep–deep sleep at that.  I found myself still not hungry in the morning after waking up.  I decided to continue along with my day until I started to get hungry around 10:00 a.m..

I went to my workout, a cardio session that I was not mentally prepared for yet.  I knew I was going to hurt, just not that bad.  An hour of running, jumping, pushing, and pulling destroyed my will about half way through.  Luckily, I was not far from my house and was able to get instant replenishment with a banana and celery smoothie.

After I recovered, I went to meeting with some the essential people behind the scenes at Frugivore, @dedej and Daily News/Feature writer Lianne Membis.  Since Atlanta is the smallest, big city in the nation, I also glanced over and saw @classic_cannon eating with @GYANTUNPLUGGED

I mention this encounter to bring up the issues of cravings.  I am clearly not over any hump by a long shot, so when I witnessed Cannon having a delicious salad with grilled fish, and Gyant having macaroni & cheese, I was shaking on the inside like Pookey at the Carter in New Jack City.  No to mention once Gyant and Cannon left, Lianne finished eating chicken fingers with honey mustard sauce, as I tried to love my spinach salad.  Now you know black people do not play about chicken, it’s a love affair that is punishable with calls to 911.

After I calling on the Holy ghost and Buddha during the meeting, DeDe, since she rode with me to the meeting, wanted me to stop and pick up some delicious food from @yeahburger!  Once she jumped into the car, the french fries engulfed the car.  I almost fell into an epileptic seizure.  The smell of grease and salt was overbearing, and she had the nerve to takeout a fry and attempt to have a conversation about how the fresh and hot temperature of the fries brought out the fact the fries are fried not grilled.  Are you serious? You gotta love her.

Cravings are serious, and I am convinced that you have to fight them with patience and love because this world is set up like a large food (drug) emporium–and nobody thinks food (drugs) are bad for one’s health like real drugs.  I had to really believe that what I am doing is going to help me live a better life.

Once I finished with most of the the days events, I settled down into a nice groove and ate a couple of pounds of tangerine flesh.  It was very seedy, but the juice was wonderful.  Again, I must state I never feel a fullness after such large meals of fruit and vegetables.  Usually, after a meal over 900 calories I am ready to sleep.  Not with with this food.

I almost reached my protein goals as my appetite grew deeper.  I know the harder I work in the weight room the more my body will crave the good, organic fruit and vegetables my cells need to function properly.  On to the next day…

5 minute jog at 4.0 on 8.0 incline

Stretching routine for at least 10 minutes.

Medicine Ball Jump Squats  1 minute

Medicine Ball Lunges 30 seconds

Incline Jog up-hill 1 minute

For more of my workout or any other question pertaining to this blog you can email me shane@frugivoremag.com and I will give you the rest of my workout and nutritional plan for the week.

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