Sometimes our weight loss routines are ticking along successfully and suddenly we hit the dreaded plateau. Unfortunately most diets will level off after 6 months of hard consistent work .Those last ten pounds can be the worst and most difficult to remove but there might be reasons for the stall.

The wrong calories: Are you still drinking fruit juices, sweetened teas and other beverages that add calories but don`t fill you up in a substantial way? People often cut the wrong type of calories and don`t realize that solid food is infinitely better than a beverage to keep your stomach satisfied and provide nutrients.

Do not skip meals: We tend to think that less is more but in the case of weight loss you actually have to eat in order to succeed. If you skip meals because you are too busy to eat or in the hopes that cutting a meal will accelerate your loss then you are setting yourself up for failure. Skipping meals can cause your blood sugar to fluctuate wildly and cause you to overeat. Eat six small meals a day for optimum weight loss.

Do a little more: Sometimes it simply takes a little more intensity in your workout to jump start your body again. Our bodies tend to fall into a routine and changing your usual cardio from jogging to swimming or trying different weight regimes can produce results that blast past a plateau. This will also stop you from getting bored, boost motivation and interest.

Too much of one food: Take a look at your diet and make sure your choices aren’t heavy on one type of food such as carbs. If you are eating cereal, then a sandwich, the pasta for dinner and having crackers for a snack there might be an issue. Vary your diet even if it is more convenient to stick with your current options. Watch your portion sizes as well to ensure your healthy foods aren’t too big.

Have a treat: Dieting and adopting a healthier eating plan is a positive life change but can be kind of limiting if you love sweets or treats. The trick is choosing the right kind of snack and not overindulging. By allowing yourself a regular fix you won`t feel deprived and binge. Your choices don`t need to be low fat, low sugar and low taste. Have a small piece of truly decadent triple chocolate brownie or a square of creamy caramel. Enjoy it, don`t punish yourself and go back to your diet.

You might have to combine several strategies to overcome the dreaded weight loss plateau. The most important thing is not to let stalled progress discourage you or completely sabotage your willpower. Continue to move towards your goals and simply enjoy the process of being healthy and fit.

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