Maybe it’s been a rough day, but it’s never really fun when you find it difficult to catch some sweet shut-eye. Dependency on medication or drug abuse is a major reason why some individuals steer away from sleeping pills. But it’s okay! There are still natural ways that you can boost your internal power and help yourself get a good night’s sleep.

Stretch it Out

Research shows, including one study from Harvard Medical School, that there is a correlation between yoga practice and decreased symptoms of insomnia. Yoga’s relaxing moves not only help individuals build flexibility but work as a meditating tool for the mind that can help stave of sleep disturbances for a good night’s rest.

Turn the Lights Down Low

Sleeping with the lights on are a major disturbance that can wake anyone up. A flicker in the hallway, streetlights outside, or even a buzzing television in the background can disrupt your body’s natural clock. Get rid of excessive light in your bedroom by turning all items off, sleeping with a mask, or investing in blackout shades.

A Good Night’s Sleep Smells Sweet

Oils can help you not only fall asleep quickly but also good a better quality out of your shut-eye. Aromatherapy is a practice that not only helps sooth the body, soul, and mind, but also helps to relax the body right before going to bed. Chamomile, sage, and floral notes are rich and sweet scents that serve as proper sleep aids. Burn a candle or incense before you sleep, or put a bowl next to your bed.

Rub-a-dub in the Tub

It’s the good old-fashioned classic method that will take you to bed: a warm, soothing bath. Nighttime baths help relax the muscles and reduce adrenaline which can cause you to shift and turn in your sleep. It’s a great way to relieve yourself from the day’s stress and also a bath helps to cool off the body’s natural thermostat. That way you can cozy on into your bed and prepare for a night free of disturbances and a calm mind for dreaming.


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