WHY Frugivore?

by — Nov 13, 2010

A Frugivore describes an animal that prefers to eat fruit, that’s it! It doesn’t mean Omnivore, Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Primal, or any other eating category or lifestyle …

That means apples, oranges, bananas, pineapples, and any other fruit in nature. A frugivore also incorporates plenty of meat, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

These foods provide the ideal fuel for humans to participate in real world activities such as basking in the sunlight, forging for food, developing the mind and body through exercise, and protecting the land from predators.

So, why try living as a true frugivore? Because it is our essence. We have been fed, literally and figuratively, tons toxic meals in order to subdue our longing to find harmony with nature.

Civilization, as presently constructed, disallows humans to fully engage their environments with compassion and dignity. By exploring the frugivore lifestyle one will understand the importance of bonding with nature to create communities invested in the growth and maturation of ecosystems, not profit.

The uniqueness in our upright posture provides us with the opportunity to travel great distances. A frugivore cannot sit at a desk all day without thoughts of exercise. This is because fruits and vegetables force the body to properly use the fuel from those whole foods to power through exercise.

There is no substitute for daily exercise. Exercise allows our bodies to metabolize food properly and continue to blossom well into the later years of life. More importantly, proper adherence to a frugivore lifestyle enables our bodies to rest and recharge. The ability to fall asleep without the aid of modern medicine or “drug-laced” food nurtures our complex and delicate physiological systems.

One does not become a frugivore, one is a frugivore. We must allow our body to protect itself by releasing our dependence on toxic materials from this destructive civilization. Once we merge the mental clarity with the physical vigor from living a frugivore lifestyle, we can work within this civilization to bring brighter prospects to the future of human existence.

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  1. I can’t believe I’m at the start of this category!! I started reading through articles at the most recent page in the nutrition category and here I am. I really love the name Frugivore, and it really makes sense and I believe this is the way humankind is supposed to be eating — more fruits and veggies, and meant on occasion. I really appreciate this website!!!!

  2. A frugivore does NOT eat meat. That would be an Omnivore

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